End Feed Half Wave antenna for SOTA

As SOTA is becomming more and more an issue for me and I would like to act not only as hunter, but also as activator, I decided to build myself a multiband EFHW antenna. My choice fell to the EFHW antenna as built by HB9EAJ.

Here are some pitures of building the antenna.

The coupler and coil are still “open” and will remain open until testing is done.
Testing is still open. The test will be done as soon as i find some time for.

YAESU FT8100 2m TX problem

Some fellow HAM’s told me that my transmission sometimes “gets lost”.

Some time ago I have found two possible reasons for this problem.
First possible problem was well known “thermal faliure”. After opening my radio I have found the suggested modification allready made, so I had to look further.
After some search foud an article describing the problem with VIA’s (VIA – latin for path or way, electrical connection between copper layers on printed circuti board), so I made the modification on my radio.

I hope the problem is solved, waiting for the feedback from my fellow HAM’s.

Five new summits

Here is a result of this weekend: five new summits worked:

Saturday, 29.01.2022:

  • HB/AI-008 (Fänerenspitz/ Fähnerenspitz), 4 points – HB9BCK/P
  • LA/BU-026 (Ringkollen), 2 points – LB9HI/P

Sunday, 30.01.2022:

  • EI/IE-018 (Two Rock Mountain), 6 points – EI3ISB
  • EA2/BI-066 (Montaño), 1 point – EC2AG
  • EA4/MD-028 (Peña de la Cabra), 8 points – EA3FUA

All contachts where on 20 meter band in SSB.

Those five contacts are binging me 21 point and I now have toal of 60 chaser points.

Seven new summits

On this weekend I have made contacts to seven new summits:

Saturday, 22.01.2022:

  • CT/TM-014 (Bousende), 8 points – CT2GSN/P
  • CT/DL-012 (Vandoma), 1 point – CT2HOV/P
  • LA/OS-003 (Tryvannshøgda), 2 pints – LB9HI/P

Sunday, 23.01.2022:

  • SV/MC-077 (Ag. Christoforos), 4 points – SV2RUJ/P
  • LA/BU-127 (Knausen), 2 points – LB8CG/P
  • GM/CS-108 (Deuchary Hill), 2 points – MM0EFI/P
  • EA1/CT-102 (Brusco), 1 point – EA2ESE/P

All contachts where on 20 meter band in SSB.

With those seven contacts I now have 39 chaser points.

Thanks to all activators for new summits.