Week from 25.04. untill 01.05.2022

In this week I have made 78 QSOs, 77 digital (FT4, FT8) and 1 Phone. Worked all 6 Continents and also worked two new DXCC entites:

PrefixCountry (DXCC)Entity CodeITU ZoneCQ ZoneCallModeDateDistance (km)
HIDominican Republic0721108HI3AFT829.04.20227743

On Friday, 29.04.2022 I have done my only Phone QSO with OE9KBV/P. He was SOTA activating OE/VB-380 Hoher Frassen. The QSO was on 2 meter band, FM

Here are some more statistic of this weekend:

BandPhoneDigiTotal QSO
80 m11
60 m22
40 m99
20 m3232
17 m88
15 m1414
12 m55
10 m66
2 m11

Total of 31 DXCC entities worked in this week and the best DX was 16277 km with VK3ZH, QF22oe.

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